Coach Recommendations

Here are some coaches that I would highly recommend, that have also trained at the Co-Active¬© Training Institute (CTI), and who share many of the same tools as I do. Underneath each Coach’s name is the best way to reach them.

My friend, Dan, is a gifted Trauma Coach. If you want to talk about your "Now" and overcome obstacles that still get in your way - that are based on past events, without diving into past events - then Dan is the coach for you. Dan offers ________________.
Daniel Comer, Trauma Coach
Call him at ###.###.#### on weekdays between #am and #pm.
Angela is another faculty member at the Co-Active© Training Institute (CTI) and she specializes in Great Story Coaching. When you work with her about YOUR story, she will help you _____, _____, and ____. What I love about Angela is ______________________.
Angela Trainor, CPCC; Great Story Coach
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