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Are you expanding your leadership?

Conrad works with amazing clients – like you! – who like to play and have a good time, and who invest in themselves by being fully present and committing to the coaching relationship. They understand that leadership is not only about getting things done, it’s also about soft skills and emotional intelligence. Some of the ways Conrad’s coaching may impact your leadership are by helping you to:

  • Be intentional and mindful as a leader or a high-achiever
  • Identify and bring your values to life in your everyday world and work
  • Get out of your own way
  • Deal with the emotions all leaders face
  • Gain strategic or tactical focus or traction
  • Bring attention to the way you use language and where it might be limiting you
  • Explore all your options so you can better choose what to say yes to and what to say no to, because you can’t do it all
  • Discover your best path forward in complex situations or issues
  • Listening at a high level and serving as your accountability partner

To learn more about how coaching can help you achieve your leadership goals, schedule a Pre-Flight Session with Conrad.

What's Coaching?

If you’re not familiar with coaching, the leading professional organization for coaches, called the International Coach Federation (ICF), defines coaching as: “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Coaching is typically done in bi-weekly phone calls lasting 60 minutes. During these calls, Conrad serves his clients by:

  • Creating structure for the client to fully process a situation and feelings
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Listening at a high level
  • Empowering clients to elicit the skills and creativity they already possess
  • Challenging them to set goals and deepen learning
  • Championing the discovery of their unique values and purpose

Conrad Hayter

Conrad Hayter delights in taking focused, intentional action to awaken and advance our world. As a young man, working in his family’s plant nursery, what awakened in Conrad was his passion for people, outdoor spaces, and travel.

A decorated veteran of the Air Force, Conrad was stationed in Sacramento, and traveled the world installing airfield and weather systems. From the South Pacific island of Kwajalein to the sands of Qatar and points in between, Conrad maximized each moment by providing critical infrastructure for airmen, building community, and exploring diverse cultures.

He serves as a Co-Active® Coach with The Windsock Group, as faculty at the Co-Active® Training Institute, and as a managing partner at Nature’s Select. He holds degrees in Electronic Systems, Agricultural Business Management, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Conrad is supported by his amazing wife, Jenny, and by his energetic Golden Doodle, Cameron. He spends his free time collecting bourbon, volunteering, building community, traveling, and reconnecting with nature on the banks of the New River with friends and family.



The best way to contact Conrad is to schedule time with him, using the above Scheduling section.

Note: Co-Active® is the registered trademark of the Co-Active® Training Institute (also known as CTI). Used with permission as a Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach and as faculty at CTI.