About Conrad Hayter

Conrad cultivates people, plants, and ideas. He delights in taking focused, intentional action to awaken passion in others and better our world. Growing up on his family’s farm, he developed a love of nature, meaningful work and improvisation. He served with distinction in the Air Force, where he built and led high-performing teams. He has more than a decade of experience in entrepreneurship and small business, with advanced degrees in Electronics, Agri-business, and Supply Chain Management. Conrad believes together we are stronger and he lives to grow leaders, help teams connect, be outside, and eat chocolate chip cookies.

Conrad Hayter, CPCC, PCC

A decorated veteran of the Air Force, Conrad was stationed in California and deployed around the world installing navigation equipment to guide pilots to their destinations. From the South Pacific island of Kwajalein to the sands of Qatar, he sought to learn from others, experience new cultures, and build tight-knit, goal-oriented communities.

Conrad is a Co-Active® Coach with The Windsock Group, a faculty member for the Co-Active® Training Institute, and managing partner at Nature’s Select™, a biological lawn care company. He has more than a decade of entrepreneurship and small business experience.

Conrad derives love and energy from within and from others, especially his amazing wife Jenny, his Golden Doodle Cameron, as well as his friends, family, and colleagues. He spends his free time exploring the world, collecting bourbon, volunteering, and reconnecting with nature on the banks of the New River and beyond.

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